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If anyone knows anything about beer it’s Mickey Mantle’s own Kyle Dake. Mr. Dake joined the Mickey Mantle’s team in 2005 as a server and was quickly promoted to head bartender and currently works as the AGM. Kyle has grown to become a beer connoisseur and talks with us about his favorite beer recommendations as well as what he would serve himself for his last beer.

What are three beers you would highly recommend to your guests? What do you like about them?

1.Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout.  With the deep malty flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, it stands up to my favorite steak we serve, the cowboy cut rib-eye.

2.Estrella Damm Inedit.  I love Estrella Damm’s lager and this particular beer is a blend of their lager and a wheat style beer.  It’s like drinking a lager with citrus notes pulled from the wheat. It has a very nice clean, crisp finish.

3.Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock. This is the newest edition to our bar.  It’s a bavarian style wheat beer. How it differs from American style is the Germans use special hops that give it a darker color than the traditional American wheat. When poured into a glass, it pours a light brown caramel color.  What really intrigues me about this beer are the notes of toffee and bananas.

If you had one last beer to pour yourself what would it be?

I would have to pour a Presidente Dominican pilsner.  My wife’s family lives in Florida so I associate this crisp pilsner with being on the beach with my family and hers. I’d hope that if this was my last beer, I’d be standing where I first tried this Dominican cerveza, THE BEACH!

What beer/s would you serve with Mickey’s Prime Steaks?

Like I said earlier, anything rib-eye related such as the Cowboy cut rib-eye, Delmonico and Spinalis cut I’d have to go with Samuel Smith oatmeal stout. Robust flavor = robust beer. I think our  New York strip would pair nicely with the Aventinus. New York strips have marbling throughout the cut but are tender. The toffee, caramel and banana notes would be just the right amount of flavor to not take away from the steak. Especially in the more robust dry aged strip. As for our Kobe tenderloin, the best pairing for it would be the Unibroue La Fin Du Monde.  This is a “Tripel” style beer in that the brewery uses up to 3 times the malt and yeast.  The creamy, fruity smoothness is going to compliment the velvet texture and rich flavor of the Kobe beef.

What is one of your favorite local beers?

Tulsa has a brewery called Marshal brewery which makes a fantastic pale ale and and really nice wheat beer if you are wanting something a little lighter.

Beer Cocktails seem to become more and more popular. Do you have a favorite recipe you can share with us?

Beer cocktails are very popular right now but it’s non-alcoholic Ginger beer that is being used rather than alcoholic beers. One of my favorite Ginger beer drinks right now is the Dark n Stormy.  It’s Gossling’s black strap rum and Ginger beer. Pretty basic but the rum is made from “blackstrap molasses” which is a molasses where the most sugar is removed. This leaves the rum less sweet than silver rum and with the Gossling’s Ginger beers bitterness, it makes for a drink that goes down as easy as it is to make.

Do you have any future Beer Tastings coming up soon?

We will be hosting a Beer Dinner on Sept. 16th with Mustang Brewing Company. Our Exec. Chef has paired an amazing four course dinner with their local beers, one of which will make its debut at Mickey’s that night. Pricing is $55 per person and we are currently accepting reservations. We also have our Game Day Saturdays going on this football season with a special Game Day Menu and Beer Specials in our Bar & Lounge.

Don’t forget to call Mickey Mantle’s for reservations to our Beer Dinner on Sept 16th or ask for more information on our Game Day events. Call 405-272-0777.

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