Experience Rave-Worthy Catering with Mickey Mantle’s

Find out why Mickey Mantle’s is one of the best in catering!

For many, Mickey Mantle’s isn’t synonymous with catering in the Oklahoma City metro. When our restaurant is brought up, it’s usually in the context of fine dining, our incredible wine selection or our private banquet options. But those aren’t the only things we excel at here at Mickey Mantle’s! As a premiere steakhouse in Oklahoma City, catering is one of our greatest strengths, and our clients have a lot to say about it.

We recently caught up with Jennifer Willis of Sooner Rotary Club in Norman to hear about her experience using Mickey Mantle’s to cater their local event.  “The Rotary clubs of Norman host a combined event, Le Tour De Vin, annually in June,” she said. “This celebration of food, wine and community benefits a local non-profit and Rotary projects within our community. Mickey Mantle’s caters our Friday night Wine & Dine event. Wine & Dine is limited to 100 VIP guests, sampling unique wines, touring the host home and enjoying delicious food.”

Mickey Mantle’s has experience and expertise in catering, from small family events to large groups like the Norman Rotary clubs’ annual gathering. With VIP events and VIP expectations, Mickey’s has long been trusted to offer outstanding service and incredible selection. Jennifer’s experience with our team is what we strive for from every encounter.

“Brittany and her team are the best! Their communications were prompt and professional. The food was delicious, and the presentation was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was raving about the variety!”

A few of our regular catering features and highlights

Creativity is at our core when it comes to catering. From Bloody Mary bars to signature cocktails, we want every aspect of your event to be something unforgettable. When asked about her favorite part of the Mickey Mantle’s catering experience, Jennifer had this to say: “They go out of their way to address your every need.” That’s truly the greatest compliment to our team members, who strive to create a stress-free experience for our clients. They can trust that no matter what else comes up at the event, their catering is perfect.

“I would absolutely recommend Mickey Mantle’s catering service,” Jennifer said. “I look forward to working with them again. The team is professional, fun, and offers creative menus. Honestly, they’re a dream to work with!”

We can’t wait to work with the Sooner Rotary Club again! It’s always a pleasure. And we’d love to discuss your own catering needs. With extreme attention to every detail, an award-winning service staff, and the finest, freshest dishes, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with your choice to use Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse catering services for your Oklahoma City events.

For more information on Oklahoma City catering options & pricing, contact our Events Team at 405-272-0777.