Don’t Forget: Join Us after Thunder Home Games for Half-Price Appetizers

Charles Barkley knows where the best post-game meeting spot is! In case you missed it, the conference semi-finals against the San Antonio Spurs still had one game left before Charles Barkley called the series for the Thunder and began making his reservations at Mickey’s.


He must have heard about the special we’ve been running: Enjoy half-price appetizers in the #7 Lounge after every home game throughout the playoffs. That’s everything from our Grilled Tequila Shrimp to Fried Pickle Chips and Snow Crab Claws. Check out our full list of appetizers and click on the “Make a Reservation button below to ensure your post-game table today.

If you need a reference on when to reserve a table for the Western Conference Finals, check out the schedule below. The orange highlighted dates represent home games, when you can take part in our half-price appetizers.

Here’s the Thunder’s Western Conference Finals schedule:

Thunder playoff half-price appetizers

Join us tonight after game one to recap with your fellow OKC Thunder fans and get excited for game two. Games three and four will be here in Oklahoma City, so be sure to join us in the #7 Lounge afterward to enjoy the playoff special (and you might be lucky enough to see Charles Barkley)!