Mickey Mantle’s Has Gone All Natural


When running a fine dining steakhouse, few things are more important than finding perfect cuts of high quality beef. At Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse we are proud to announce our new partnership with Nature Source Beef that will provide us with just that.

Every steak on our main menu is now Nature Source Beef, an all-natural prime beef product that sets itself apart from the rest. Here is why…

What is ‘natural’ Beef?

Nature Source Beef comes from Hormone-free, Antibiotic-free, USA raised cattle fed on Additive-free corn. They are raised on ranches and fed in feed yards certified to grow cattle in a responsible, defined manner. Each ranch and feed yard is subject to inspection and audits. The cattle are pasture raised and ‘finished’ on 100% corn for an average of 150 days.

The Results:

Years of raising cattle in this program have resulted in genetically strong, high quality, high grading cattle. 2 to 3% of all conventionally raised beef is graded USDA Prime. In the Nature Source program that number climbs to 15-20%. 98% of all Nature Source Beef grades at Choice or Prime. The beef has more intramuscular marbling which yields a more tender steak with a more complex beef forward flavor. We often find that the tenderloin filets we serve are literally “cut it with a fork” tender.

The most important result is providing a product that is not only consistent and delicious, but has the added benefit of being produced in an all-natural manner.

Make your next dinner reservations at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse and taste the difference!

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