Now Serving Akaushi Beef

Akaushi BeefMickey Mantle’s is excited to announce we are now serving Akaushi Beef!

What’s so special about Akaushi? It’s consistently graded above USDA Prime in marbling content & it’s healthier due to its unique fatty acid composition making it superior in taste & tenderness when compared to other Prime cuts. The result is an intense buttery flavor as well as sumptuous juiciness and breathtaking tenderness.

Akaushi cattle are the only free-grazing cattle in Japan and considered to be a nation treasure. Our Akaushi beef is a high quality product that shatters the American scale of quality.

Stop in today to enjoy one of two cuts: 16oz Akaushi New York Strip & Akaushi Wagyu Filet Mignon or try our combo portion consisting of Akaushi Filet, Blue Ribbon Filet & Teriyaki Shrimp. All cuts served with Lobster Mashed Potatoes.

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